Rental Equipment

We offer rental equipment options for many of the products we sell.  Whether it is for a short term project or because your equipment is in need of service, renting a detector can be a cost effect solution for a short term need.  If you have questions about renting equipment please contact us to find out more informaton on how we can help .

Types of Rental Equipment

  • Gas detection
  • Draeger hand pump
  • Confined space entry/rescue equipment
  • Ventilation blower
  • PID monitors
  • Noise dosimeters
  • Sound level meters
  • Aerosol monitors and environmental enclosure
  • Personal air sampling pumps
  • Supplied air compressor
  • Supplied air respirator with escape
  • SCBA
  • Multi-parameter water quality meter
  • Water level meter
  • Peristaltic pump
  • And more....

Rental Policy

  • Billable days will be any business day that Agile Safety's office is open.  
  • Weekends and observed holidays are non-billable days
  • Orders picked up after 3:00pm begin the next business day
  • Orders returned before 10:00am end the previous business day
  • Orders shipped with a scheduled non-am delivery begin the next business day
  • Orders shipped back stop at the end the business day they are shipped on