Wireless Lone Worker Down System

Do you have any staff working alone?

If a worker should become incapacitated, how long would it take for someone to determine there was a problem and send help? As companies continue to seek workforce efficiencies, more workers are finding themselves alone for extended periods of time. Radio and cellular phone communication is the standard tool for summoning help, but what if the work is knocked unconscious through a fall, suffers a heart attack or lapses into a diabetic coma?
Mezzanine Guarding System

Unguarded mezzanines are a commonly overlooked fall hazard. Agile Safety offers a variety of guarding, fall restraint and fall arrest options to protect workers loading and unloading products from mezzanines – as well as workers passing below.
Cooling Tower Fall Protection

Do you have cooling towers? Periodic maintenance requires workers to enter cooling tower shrouds to service fans and drive trains. Slick with moisture and organic growth, the walking surfaces are often treacherous underfoot. Agile Safety provides innovative portable and fixed fall protection and rescue solutions for workers on and inside cooling towers.
Guardrail Systems

Rooftop fall protection has come into the spotlight. Workers on roof tops servicing HVAC equipment, leaks or even cleaning gutters require fall protection. Agile Safety conducts Hazard Safety Analyses for these rooftop applications, with recommended fall protection options to include Controlled Access Zones, Non-penetrating Guardrail, Engineered Horizontal Lifeline Systems and Personal Fall Arrest Systems.
Cold Weather Suit

These extraordinary Fortress suits are the best solution to cold environment hazards we have seen. Whether your workers are outdoors in winter weather or in freezer rooms year round, once they try the Fortress suits they will not want to part with them. Made of innovative patented insulation materials, these suits will keep workers comfortable in the bitterest of cold environments. Lightweight and comfortable, the Fortress cold weather suits improve worker productivity in the harshest of environments.