Fortress Clothing Cold Weather Suit
Fortress is a �base� or �mid-layer� cold weather garment that is designed to keep you warm - even when wet. It is designed also to be worn as a mid-layer garment (ie: underwear/Fortress mid-layer garment/outer shell appropriate for the conditions �typically NOT an insulated coat).

THE NON-TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Water (sweat) is WHY you get cold. Fortress doesn�t hold on to water, or the perspiration your body puts out. Through the laws of physics, it moves it (pushes away) from your body to the outside air to keep you dry and warm. Other insulation materials (don�t breath) and hold on to your perspiration, it builds up, adding a layer of moisture against you- which decreases your ability to stay warm. (Water is 25X more conductive than air) Our insulation material (Aeris Inside) does not allow moisture to build up. In fact, it repels it.

Then, we use an outer material that is windproof, but not waterproof. Some other clothing in this category claims a "waterproof/breathable" feature. This can be misleading because such fabrics can be overwhelmed. These garments are typically 100% Waterproof and only 15% breathable. Once overwhelmed, they start to develop a �build-up of moisture� which causes you to get cold. Our clothing does not do this. Fortress clothing ROCKS! Staying warm through a wide comfort temperature range, unlike other garments that get uncomfortable outside of their narrow comfort range. Depending on the build of your body, metabolism, hydration and activity level� Fortress has been worn from -30�F to 70�F !! Go figure!

THE TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: The engineered polymer used as the insulation is hydrophobic. Due to it's structure, moisture vapor has nowhere to collect, so it does not accumulate and decrease the insulative value of the insulation of the garment. Using the laws of thermodynamics, and taking advantage of the thermalization condition ( the moisture produced by the body is driven away from you in a natural attempt to equalize. And by using the materials that we do, we create, as much as possible, an obstacle free pathway to the outside air for that moisture to travel. This keeps you dry, which in turn keeps you warm. Remember, our claims depend on the build of your body, metabolism, hydration and activity level� (We don�t use this information as an excuse for failure, we tell this, because it�s true, either way, FORTRESS out performs anything on the market!)